Kariwa Maritime LLC is a business set up to provide maritime advisory support. As a part of this MV Kariwa is also owned by the business and vlogs and blogs about the boat, and its equipment is also provided. In addition, consultancy services and advisory support is also provided to companies in the maritime business world.

Some of the businesses agree to have their names mentioned and these are mentioned here. The periods and extent to which services are provided is varied and flexible.

The principal consultant in this business is Frank Coles and his Linkedin page can be found here:


Consultancy and Advisory Positions

We are currently engaged with several PE firms on possible maritime technology acquisitions. By their nature these are confidential. In the past we have worked with a variety of PE firms on satellite communications and technology M&A exercises.

We are also involved in supporting the implementing of a new approach to ESG in the maritime industry and more specifically in the area of Social audits and providing insight into understanding the reality in the treatment of the ships crew at sea.

Follow the link to find out more about a new approach to ESG Ship Vetting

We are also involved with Marine Digital as the strategic adviser on their new approach to digital twin, AI and maritime operational optimization. https://marine-digital.com/platform


Listen to the podcasts where Frank Coles talks about crew welfare and about many things that need to change for the seafarers to have a fair future.