Its a desert out here

We are on day 14 since we left Panama and day 9 since Galapagos. For the first few days out of Galapagos we had a nu bar of birds flying sround, they would come and take a perch at night and poop all over the deck. In the last 5 days we have seen a bird only briefly and he did not stay the night. We have not seen dolphins or anything else either. Its only us.

The Sea state is a bit weird this morning, not more rough than recently but must be the angle because the boat is quite jerky, enough to make me seasick.

The cycle and routine continues as normal, I keep watch from 8 till midnight and Frank from Midnight till 4am. Yesterday we set the clocks back an hour, we selected San Francisco as your time zone but guess what? Yesterday was the day for daylight saving in USA so this morning we were back where we started. We are now on the time zone of Adamstown, Pitcairn. The only place we could find in this zone. Tomorrow we change another hour.

Frank caught and landed a huge Wahoo the other day. He managed to get it into the cockpit but it smashed the plastic tub as it dropped in. We packed 10 meals from that fish, so all in all a good day.

Being a Sunday, we had a hot breakfast. I decided to make omelette and I don’t know why I do this, the appropriately sized pan is one of this copper infused (supposedly) non stick pans but let me tell you, the eggs stick to it like sh.t to a blanket. I am tempted to have an oopsie moment and drop the piece of junk overboard. We had scrambled eggs, not omelettes.

I am knitting a baby hoody because knitting is a hobby of mine. Problem is that at night I can’t knit because the garment is small and finicky and I can’t see it. During the day its a great way to pass the time.