Архив постов: September 2022

Maiden Sailings as filmed and narrated by the Admiral Leslie

September 26, 2022

Now that we are sitting in Rio Dulce giving Kariwa a bit of a face lift, I (Leslie) decided to spend my days digging through all the footage I shot a long time ago, and put it together in a video showing our first voyage on the boat from the Admirals (my) perspective. It is a quite different view than one from the Captains perspective. Work continues on the boat and. a new video will be out on that soon. In previous videos, the music has been quite unpopular but I like to watch a video with music so I hope this time, people will understand.

Shipyard work, paint prep, repairs and living in the Rio Dulce area

September 15, 2022

Now the boat is out of the water, work begins to sand the boat down, repair cracks and generally prepare the boat for its primer and top coats, after it goes into the paint shed. While the boat is out, the dinghy becomes essential in a place like Rio Dulce, as everywhere is on the water, restaurants, shops, bars and of course the marina. We even saw a dinghy dock for a dentist the other day. This video shows the dinghy outboard repairs, our venture out into Lake Izabel using the RAM marina launch, and El Golfito, on our repaired dinghy.

Nordhavn 62 Kariwa is hauled out in the jungle! Life on the hard!!

September 4, 2022

Hauling a 160,000 lbs Nordhavn 62 out of the water in the jungle of Guatemala, at Rio Dulce RAM Marina. Living in a jungle cabin while we have the boat worked on. Drone footage of the surrounding area. Commuting to the marina by boat.

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